Six Months Later…

It’s been slightly more than 6 months since I lost my father. Here is how things have happened since then

  1. From a distance, your understanding of the person gone becomes more refined and objective. My father was definitely a more courageous, caring parent and action-oriented than I thought him to be earlier. Things may not have changed to his liking but he did try in the moment
  2. Grief cycles keep coming, less frequent but probably more guilt-ridden. This happens suddenly: one awkward dream, one Google Photos reminder, someone relating an incident involving him, shared dreams, deja vu when chatting with kids…
  3. Feeling that he isn’t any longer around hasn’t yet sunk in. Also probably because 6 months – 1 year duration was what we used to meet anyway so it feels like nothing much has changed beyond one nightmarish occurrence
  4. Worrying about the surviving parent gets more acute. You want to maximize the time together. I will likely bring my mother to live with us together, after the annual rituals are over. This should also be freeing from the constant worry about how she is feeling / doing and what I can do to support her in the moment
  5. You are more circumspect about expressing feelings of loss and repentance. Everyone in close circles deals with grief differently, people appear to have moved on, you are not sure whether expressing difficulties you are facing to others isn’t troubling them. So probably better to grieve alone and in silence
  6. Videos are absolute treasure troves. While going through one of the videos I randomly shot, my father was discussing someone long gone. He commented something like offsprings of the people who have done some good karmas in their lives are generally contented and happy

Many things learnt, will end the post here


Hi, glad to see you here!

I am Ram Sevak – a product manager based out of Bengaluru, India. I have been in the field of product management for more than 12 years. I have also been fortunate enough to work with diverse set of organisations having different business models, life stages and corporate and funding structures. If you are a product person, you probably know why it matters. This is brief synopsis of the product orgs I have worked with

  • Flipkart: e-commerce market leader in India. Acquired by Walmart Inc. in 2018
  • Gaana: market leader in music streaming in India. Owned by BCCL, media behemoth which runs the Times of India. Later raised funds from Tencent
  • Zopper: a pre-market fit start-up in hyperlocal domain. Raised series B from Tiger Global and few HNIs. Parts of it were acquired by Flipkart Group
  • Naukri: part of Info Edge, a large-cap Indian public company. More than 70% market share in job classifieds, market leader since 2004

I firmly believe there is an inherent virtue in sharing the knowledge and experience, more so for a challenging role like that of a product manager. We can all be better by sharing our journeys together. This website is an attempt towards that objective

What can a regular reader or subscriber of this expect?

I intend to summarise books that I read and which I think can be valuable to product community. I summarise product articles and books herein so that the readers can remain updated with the latest in product craft, without necessarily investing too much of their time

Who is this site aimed at?

Product folks, founders, VCs. YMMV

How often would the site be updated?

I’d strive to publish at least one post in a month